Welcome to Kid Lit Exchange!

We are LIVE!

Welcome to Kid Lit Exchange from Kate Olson (aka The Loud Library Lady)!

img_0141-1Finally, after 2 months of Kid Lit Exchange being in existence, we have our very own website – how exciting! If you are wondering what we are all about, I will tell you that we are a network of volunteer reviewers (over 130 reviewers at this time!) sharing galleys of children’s books (over 100 titles already!) and THEN I will tell you to go check out the other pages on this site to learn more. So much more there, I promise.

Our primary home is on the @kidlitexchange page on Instagram where all of our books are posted for reviewers to request, and our review links are shared on the @kidlitexchange Twitter page – we would love to connect with you there! This site serves as our home base, as well as our blog where we will feature one review post for each of the books in our network. We would love to have you subscribe – check out the buttons on the bottom of the site.

One quick request before you go explore, though ~ I am collaborating on a Q & A post for Nerdy Book Club with Laura Gafrdner ALL about Kid Lit Exchange, and we would LOVE to ask and answer YOUR questions! Please leave your simple and oh-so-burning questions you would like us to address in that post in the comments here ~ we will be linking to the NBC post when it’s live so you’ll be sure to get your answers.

Again, WELCOME! We can’t wait to show you the power of reviewers working together.

28 thoughts on “Welcome to Kid Lit Exchange!

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  1. Yay! This is all so exciting! I don’t know how you manage to do it all with the start of the school year. I’m not a teacher or librarian, but this is my busiest season of the year for some of the other hats I wear, and I am burned out! So my question is how do you manage to fit it all in? Obviously you read really quickly, but posting so regularly is an awesome feat!


  2. Kate!! Oh happy day, you did it, the site looks fantastic! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It’s all really happening! And getting bigger than I ever imagined. Take care of yourself, so glad you’ve already gotten a lot of help from fellow teachers & librarians.


  3. I’m excited to see so many children’s books. How do you become someone tonreview them?
    Kids need good books like adults do! Thank you


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