Terrific Tongues By Maria Gianferrari; Illustrated by Jia Liu

Photo and Review by Kimberly O. ~ Originally on Instagram

Thanks to the @KidLitExchange for the review copy of this book. As always, all opinions are our own.

Terrific Tongues By Maria Gianferrari; Illustrated by Jia Liu
(April 3rd 2018 ~ Boyds Mills Press)

This fantastic nonfiction book needs to be at the top of your picture book must read \ must buy list! It’s absolutely brilliant and full of great information that is presented in such a fun way.

“If you had a tongue like a sword, you might be a …” Each page starts with a playful introduction like this. My seven year old had a blast trying to guess which animal the description belonged to before turning the page to find the answer. Along with a beautiful illustration of the animal, a short description is included about how they use their tongue to find food, clean, cool off and even smell. Quite a few of these surprised us and taught us many new interesting facts. The animals included are a: woodpecker, moth, frog, snake, bat, okapi, anteater, gecko, chameleon, dog and octopus.

There is also a page about how humans use their own tongues for various senses. My daughter loved the “scissors” exercise and the tongue twister. The book ends with even more facts about the animals listed above as well as some additional tongue info.

The illustrations include a cute little monkey that brings quite a bit of humor to each page. His tongue changes with each description and you can spot him observing each animal. Needless to say, we loved this book. We’ve read and enjoyed it numerous times already. We plan on buying a copy for our home library and another one to gift to my daughter’s second grade class!!

And here’s another review

of Terrific Tongues!


Photo and Review by Stacie B. ~ Originally on Instagram

This is a wonderful nonfiction picture book with a character monkey who walks you through exactly what animals’ tongues are used for. Did you know there are tongues that smell? Read this book to find out which one! There is also a section where kids tongues come into play with wonderful images for kids to relate to! Every being’s tongue has their own advantage. Perfect read for readers age 4 to 9, but any age will laugh at this book.


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  1. Thanks so much for the book love, Kidlitexchange!! I really appreciate it!

    And thanks for your reviews, Kimberly & Stacie! 🙂


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