Middle Grade New Releases, Week of January 21, 2020

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. All opinions are our own.

img_9505GREEN LANTERN: LEGACY – by Minh Le
January 21st 2020 ~ DC Zoom

Photo and review by Natasha ~ originally on Instagram @knitting.librarian

Twelve-year-old Tai Pham’s grandmother is an amazing woman. One day his grandmother’s jade ring “chooses him” and shortly after, his grandmother dies. That’s when Tai learns how amazing she really was – she helped so many people in so many ways and… she was a Green Lantern – a sort of “space cop”! Since the ring chose him, Tai is now also a Green Lantern and must train and learn what it means to be one. His friends Tommy and Serena are very supportive as Tai explores his new powers and finds out who to trust. I loved the story line and the premise that a young boy can be a Green Lantern. In fact, anyone in the universe can be chosen, as long as their will is strong. The art was amazing, the diverse characters were well developed, and there was a lot of humor. I highly recommend this graphic novel for students who enjoy funny, adventurous stories such as books by Rick Riordan.

HOLLOW DOLLS – by MarcyKate Connolly45007891
January 7th 2020 ~ Sourcebooks Young Readers

Watch for a review soon!

Good Reads Summary: Simone is a mind reader. She knows a great many things about everyone she meets, but she can’t seem to remember anything about her past or where she came from. After finally being free for the first time in a long time, she sets off, determined to find her home.

When she stumbles across a man with two minds inside him – the real one, shoved deep down, and one of a body walker, someone who can take over a person’s body against their will – Simone is even more eager to leave her old life behind.

As Simone dives deeper into her history, she learns truths she never could have imagined. But when those she loves start disappearing around her, Simone knows only she can stop the evil.

Set in the same fantasy world as the Shadow Weaver duology, this series starter weaves a tale of secrets, power, magic, and the long path to home.

48126868FROZEN SECRETS – by Myles Christensen
January 25th 2020 ~ Moon Zoom Press

Watch for a review soon!

Good Reads Summary: Thirteen-year-old Max Parker is a grounded Earthling with the soul of a space explorer. So when he learns his family is relocating to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, he readily agrees to stay out of trouble. But his promise is soon forgotten, and his snooping lands him on a shuttle doomed for a fiery disintegration.

Convinced someone sabotaged the craft to cover up the theft he witnessed, Max digs into the incident. What else could they be hiding? Dodging a series of deadly accidents, he follows the clues to an abandoned outpost and discovers a secret that could blow the lid off a moon-wide conspiracy. Can he solve the mystery before his interplanetary escapade gets him killed?

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