Middle Grade New Releases, Week of April 7, 2020

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers! 

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. All opinions are our own.

img_0013LILA AND HADLEY – by Kody Keplinger
April 7th 2020 ~ Scholastic Press

Review and Photo by Laura ~ originally on Instagram @librarianmsg

My students are going to adore this book!
Lazy, cute dog named Lila meets visually impaired Hadley. Hadley is not a dog person and she’s angry with her mom who is in jail. Lila is not a friendly dog and is currently unadoptable at her local shelter. It’s basically a meet-cute dog-human romance. ❤️ .
Perfect for grades 3-7. This one will be an easy sell!

April 7th 2020 ~ Wendy Lamb Books

Photo and Review by Susan ~ originally on Instagram @redcanoereader

Bea’s parents are divorced, but when they first shared the news, they gave Bea a green notebook and a green pen (her favorite color) containing a list of the things that would not change. These things would never change, even though her mom and dad wouldn’t be living together anymore and she would spend half her time with her mom and half with her dad. That happened two years ago when she was eight. She still carried that notebook everywhere and through the years the list of things had grown, but nothing had changed. But now something WAS changing. Her dad was marrying Jesse and she would soon have two dads AND a sister because Jesse has a daughter just her age!
🌙This story came at just the right time for me. I was struggling to find a book I really loved; since I’m a mood reader, that happens to me, though not often. When I read the first page, I was at peace once again. I found a story to love. It’s a story I didn’t want to put down and one I didn’t want to end. Here’s some of the reasons why.🌙- I loved the supportive adults in Bea’s life; her parents, her dad’s fiance; her babysitter, her teacher and her therapist. I especially loved Miriam, her therapist. We all need a Miriam in our lives. I wanted to take notes about the advice and tidbits of wisdom she kindly offered to Bea. -I loved Bea’s joy and optimism, and also identified with her worries about both the small and large things in her life.I also loved how we were allowed to see her anger and her guilt.
-I loved how kids will see themselves in Bea, whether their parents are divorced or are gay; whether they share some of her fears or whether they, too, feel anger or guilt about something in their lives.
– I loved how Bea’s friends supported her and forgave her mistakes. There’s an extra special moment with her best friend and an oyster. Be sure and look for that one!
🌙I’m certain you, too, will love this book. It’s out 4.7.20. It’s a must purchase!

img_0012NAT ENOUGH – by Maria Scrivan
April 7th 2020 ~ Graphix

Review and Photo by ~ originally on Instagram @howifeelaboutbooks

This graphic novel is about Natalie, who starts middle school to find her best friend has dumped her to be part of the popular crowd. Natalie tries to get Lily back, but while trying, she meets new classmates who show her she might not have been experiencing friendship before. Natalie has a lot to learn about being herself and finding true friends.

This book reminded me of Terri Libenson books, and also maybe a bit of the comic strip Luann? Something about the cat and dog jokes on the new chapter pages made me think of comic strips, but I liked it, and that humor and style definitely worked for this book. I can’t wait to get a copy for the school library – these kids LOVE graphic novels, and when these characters go through the same problems the students face, those books don’t stay on the shelf. I think this will be a hit.

TYRANNOSAURUS WRECKS – by Stuart Gibbskowitz-Palmaimg_0015
March 24th 2020 ~ Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

Watch for a Review Soon!

Publisher’s summary: In the latest novel in New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve his most improbable mystery yet—with a victim that’s 65 million years old.

Teddy was all set for a campout at his friend Sage’s family ranch—but then Sage gets terrible news: The skull of a rare dinosaur that was being excavated on his property has mysteriously vanished overnight in the middle of a rainstorm, even though it weighed 500 pounds. Not a single footprint has been left behind. Since the dinosaur was top secret, the police don’t believe anyone outside the dig could have stolen it.

A T-rex skull can sell for millions of dollars, and everyone is a suspect—including J.J. McCracken, the owner of FunJungle.

Meanwhile, Teddy’s old foes, the Barksdale twins, have gotten into trouble with an illegally purchased anaconda, and Teddy’s girlfriend Summer wants to find out who’s behind the local trade in black market reptiles. The two cases will drag Teddy into more danger and chaos than ever before, in this mystery that’s stranger than fiction.

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